Fishing Waders

Fishing waders are waterproof pants that can be worn while standing in a river or pond when fly fishing. They keep the legs and body dry and warm. Some are waist high, and some are overalls that cover the chest and back as well. Waders are usually made from neoprene or they may be made from a lighter material that is able to breathe. When fishing in cold water, neoprene keeps body heat inside the waders. They can be purchased in various thicknesses, from 3mm to 5mm. Breathable waders are usually worn in warmer weather, and they are made of nylon or other fabric. They allow body heat to go through the fabric to keep the body cool. Prices range from around $100 up to about $500.

Fishing WadersWearing waders makes it possible to wade into the water when the fisherman is not able to cast far out. Simply wading into the shallow stream may enable him to make the cast that would not have been possible had the fisherman not been wearing waders. Fly fishing waders are made in waist high or chest high styles. Another style that covers only the hips and protects the legs is called hip waders. There are different foot coverings made as well. One type is the stockingfoot and another is the bootfoot style. If you have stockingfoot waders, wading boots or shoes are also required. They dry fast and are good for keeping water off of your feet. In addition, anglers usually find them very easy to get in and out of. Many styles have studded bottoms for added safety, while others have neoprene, rubber, or other materials to guard against slipping. Bootfoot styles have boots attached to the wader pants. The disadvantage of these is that they are bulky and often difficult to carry. Also, when the boot gets a rip or hole, the entire wader needs to be replaced.

If an angler plans to only fish in shallow waters, hip waders are usually enough. Many of them are stockingfoot styles. The wader attaches to the person’s belt to keep them from falling down. Velcro tabs allow the waders to fit more snugly, according to the person’s thigh measurements. They extend from the top of the thigh to the ankle. If there is a possibility of needing to go deeper into the water, the preferred style is one that cover the legs entirely and comes up to the top of the chest and back. Many of these styles are stockingfoot that require boots. Most good quality waders are made with built-in gravel guards to keep rocks and debris from entering the boots. A feature that this style of wader has that is very helpful in cold weather is the chest pocket that is made to warm the hands. It is often fleece-lined and helps the water wick away. Many styles also have zippered cargo pockets and tippet pockets that provide a place for fishing equipment and other supplies.

Fishing waders for kids are available in many of the same styles as for adults. There are also child-size boots that can be worn with stockingfoot waders. Women typically buy adult sizes which are usually sold in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large sizes to fit all body types, but some companies have styles that are specifically designed to fit women’s bodies. Other accessories can also be purchased. Among these is a waterproof jacket that is made to wear over or under a fishing vest. It is constructed of stretchable fabric that is breathable, yet warm. There are also specially made angler’s backpacks with room to keep extra clothes as well as additional fishing equipment. They are typically waterproof to keep items inside dry.