Lake Ontario Fishing

Lake Ontario borders New York state and the province of Ontario. As one of the 5 Great Lakes of North America it has surface area of 7,700 sq. miles with an average depth of 85 meters. The known maximum depth is 245 meters.

The international boundary between Canada and the US runs through Lake Ontario. Water from Lake Erie flows into Lake Ontario through the Niagara River and the famous Niagara Falls. Its outbound journey takes the northeast route into the St. Lawrence River. A mostly island-less lake, Lake Ontario hosts few islands of any size apart from the the entrance to the St. Lawrence River.

Lake Ontario fishing is best known for large sized Chinook Salmon, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, and Steelhead. The most popular harbors on Lake Ontario for salmon fishing are Port Hope, Port Credit, Bluffers Park (Scarborough), Bronte, Oshawa, and Wellington.

The lake’s Chinook salmon are usually found within one to 5 miles of shore and in waters of depths between 70 to 275 feet. First light provides the best fishing although big fish can be caught throughout the rest of the day.